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Have you arranged accommodation for your arrival in Australia, or are you still deciding on what option is best for you?


The Insider Guides Homebase is a website that has been designed for international students coming to Australia. By completing a quiz you can discover what kind of accommodation best suits you.  


Are you interested in living in a family home with a host family? If so, homestay accommodation may be for you! The Australian Homestay Newtwork matches students with host families who are carefully selected to ensure students are safe, secure and welcoming. You might like to consider homestay accommodation when you first arrive to help you adjust to life in Australia.  

Hostel and Back Packer 

If you are interested in initially staying in hostel or backpacker accommodation, use to look up the hostels that are close to your campus. Please be aware that this type of accommodation is typically dormitory style, with bunk beds that is shared with other guests. The washrooms/bathrooms, kitchen and common space/s are also shared spaces with other guests. Some providers may have private rooms available. 

Use to locate accommodation that's right for you, but before you book check out some other accommodation booking websites, also check with the accommodation provider directly to make sure you get the best deal. Prices will vary depending on how you choose to make the booking. 

Share and Rental  

Some websites used to search for rental or shared accommodation are:

Tenancy Rights

If you have problems with your residential rental provider or real estate agent, free tenancy advice is available in each state of Australia.

Sydney, New South Wales (NSW):

Brisbane, Queensland (QLD):


Smoke Alarms


Smoke alarms are devices that detect smoke and sound an alarm. Smoke alarms alert and wake people allowing valuable time to get out of a house during a fire. When you go to sleep, your sense of smell also goes to sleep. If there is a fire, toxic fumes may overcome you before you wake up. For your protection, a smoke alarm must be installed in your home. 

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